Saturday, 26 June 2010

Episode 11

Carol Burns who played Frankie Doyle deserves many plaudits - I think she was responsible for the early success of Prisoner, with her explosive acting which still managed to make a deeply disturbed character also incredibly sympathetic and at times funny.

As a "ground-breaking" adult soap, Pris was never afraid at tackling the big issues of the day - and although Frankie may have been a stereotypical butch dyke (who was also emotionally and literally illiterate, on top of being a violent criminal), she was at least the start of lesbian visibility. And there is no doubt that anyone watching Prisoner, ends up rooting for Frankie. Here she is, ransacking the rec room for the millionth time. You'd think they would have learnt to screw those bookshelves to the wall by now. Out of respect, I'm saying nothing about the dungarees.

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