Monday, 21 June 2010

Episode 2

"At home" with "nicey-nicey" screw Meg Jackson (that's Mrs Jackson to you, you ANIMAL!), and her psychologist co-worker husband Bill. This scene of happy domesticity will soon be shattered when Bill is horribly stabbed and killed by nasty pock-marked, Busby-haired Chrissie Latham during a poorly-justified prison riot.

As a natural "autumn", Bill is a big fan of mustard polo-necks, and in other scenes he wears chunky cardigans. It is probably just as well he was written out so early on. I can imagine that he would have been quite sweaty and smelly in this costume - especially with all of that lighting - and it probably would have been quite difficult for other actors to be around him.

And check out Bill and Meg's "unit" as they call their home. Some people really did take the 1970s a little bit too seriously didn't they. Geometric kitchen tiles in various shades of purple at least meant you didn't have to waste money on LSD - you could just make yourself a cup of tea and get the same effect. I also love the serving hatch and the "under-stated" beige feather-print wall-coverings of their "sitting room".

Meg rarely bothers to change out of her uniform. Which, judging from our later postings, is probably a kindness.


  1. I remember watching the one where Bill was stabbed. It was very late and I was at my nana's and far too young to be up. I didn't realise that was so early on in the run. Wow. No wonder Meg had a face like a juiced lemon for so long. Mind you, check out Bill's 'physique'; I'm sure she was glass to see the back of his acrylic-shrouded manboobs.

  2. Agreed. He wasn't really a "catch". I wonder if the actor was annoyed when he realised he'd be written out after about 4 episodes. Relatives of the PCBH screws didn't fare very well - I recall later episodes where family members get bumped off horribly also.