Monday, 21 June 2010

Episode 4

I warned you that Meg's husband was going to be horribly stabbed in episode 3, and just look how fast moving this soap is - we're now at his funeral. But let's not be glum and wear black. Instead, let's CELEBRATE the life of Bill Jackson by raiding our dressing-up boxes and putting on muted yet fun colours. Erica has spent her entire month's salary on this jaunty "Send-off" outfit. It's chocolate brown. It has a hat at a jaunty angle. The hat has little "go faster" arrows on its band. And to complete the look - white gloves - because at funerals there is a strong chance that you might have to "touch" someone, and Erica is too posh to have human contact.

Meg, on the other hand, is going for chemotherapy-chic with this speckled head-dress and matching plain button-up top. Nothing says grieving like "I'm pretending I just had treatment for cancer."

I love how both women are looking at each other as if thinking "But why are you wearing THAT? It's so INAPPROPRIATE!"

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