Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Episode 7

This picture goes a long way in explaining all of Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett's behaviour. Poor old Vera - behind every dour, rule-driven, sadistic co-worker is a disappointing and humiliating home-life. And while Vera might get to call the shots at Wentworth, at home it's she who is has to slot in to the bottom of a pecking order which involves herself and her oppressive mother.

The Vera/Mother relationship is also very reminiscient of Psycho (were the early writers overdosing on Hitchcock??) And the Bennett house is very different from the "normal" 1970s decoration of Meg Morris (who favours psychedelic patterns). Instead it has fusty old furniture (probably all tat that wouldn't fetch very many Australian dollars at a clearance sale).

We've barely got to know nasty old mother, when she's sudden screaming at Vera for not being a good enough daughter. And then she's gotten herself so angry she's had a massive heart attack - leaving Vera free to... wear a wig and become an alcoholic. But that's for later.

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