Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Episode 8

Finally! A couple of "elites" enter the world of Prisoner. We can tell that they're elites because they don't have Australian accents and their clothes are made of better quality polyester. Viewers, when you first encountered Helen Masters, the glamorous and powerful business leader who has come to Melbourne to push her fabulous range of beauty products did you wish to BECOME her? Did you wish to have a gorgeous assistant called James Brandon, complete with a full head of perm and a suit borrowed from John Travolta who is "contractually obliged" to fulfil your every whim? Did you?

Well if you do ever find yourself in such a situation you may want to treat him with kindess. Because, before this epsiode is out, due to a series of bizarre co-incidences, Helen is going to find herself IN PRISON... and nobody will ever be the same again.

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