Thursday, 1 July 2010

Episode 16

Look at new character - do-gooder Jean Vernon who is some sort of prison rehabilitation/welfare officer (we never really know). I don't like her which is why I've chosen this unflattering picture. Jean is a little miss sunshine and wants to put all the prisoners out on day-release schemes or else get an expensive and handsome barrister to have their sentences commuted. Being far more glamorous than poor Vera and dowdy Meg - who have to wear the same boring prison uniform day in, day out, Jean gets to wear her own clothes - which have clearly been designed by Melbourne's answer to Edith Head. I bet her frequent costume changes (in every scene she's in a different fashion monstrosity) took up the entire year's clothing budget, along with the budget for lighting (for some reason in the last few episodes many of the interior scenes have taken place in practical darkness!)

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