Monday, 5 July 2010

Episode 19

Catherine Roberts and her daughter Sarah. She's sublimating her rage into this salad (ice-berg lettuce and discount mayonnaise feature heavily). This storyline builds up out of nowhere and before you know it, the Roberts family have practically taken over the whole show. It's a compelling and horrific story of a teenage girl who is raped by one of her father's business colleagues. When Mum realises that the case will probably never go to trial, she metes out her own form of vigilante justice by running him down outside a convenience store, and then backing over him - FOUR times just to make sure. Mumsy Catherine, with her bourgeois values and comfortable cardigans is much easier for audiences to identify with, and back in 1988 when this was first shown in my tv region, I quickly became engrossed in her life and was obsessed with her getting freed. Imagine how disappointed I was when THE WHOLE STORYLINE was abruptly cut in episode 24 and none of the characters were ever heard of again. It took my quite a long time to forgive Pris for making me invest like that with zero payback.

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