Thursday, 19 August 2010

Episode 26

There's kind of a complicated love dynamic going on in Prisoner at the moment, with both Dr Greg and barrister Steve being simultaneously attracted to husband-murderer Karen Travers and social worker Jean Vernon. It's all a bit like a DH Lawrence novel. Poor old Meg gets to act as the gooseberry in all of this (always the bridesmaid), whereas Vera doesn't even get invited to their "hilarious" soirees, and has instead hooked up with DRUG DEALERS. I don't care how it will all resolve itself, and I can't work who's going to end up with the booby prize. I guess with Karen, as long as you hide the knives it might stand a chance. There's less hope with Jean though. As Vera is fond of saying, she's learnt about life through her "university books" and now feels equipped to tell everyone all about it. Presumably, she didn't take a course on how to dress herself - if these blue "robes" are anything to go by. Even in 1979, this would have been viewed as an extreme, perhaps even aggressive statement.

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