Saturday, 11 September 2010

Episode 39

More Greek people! This time it's Kramer from Seinfeld, who is Irini's illegal immigrant brother. While he visits his sister, Vingear Tits is quickly established as racist, as every time anyone speaks she (hilariously) screams "No GREEK! STOP SPEAKING GREEK! SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" at everyone. Even when someone says Irina's name it causes Vera to flip out because she thinks they're SPEAKING GREEK!

Fortunately, nice husband-killer Karen Travers knows three words of Greek so she quickly gets drawn into this storyline and starts campaigning for translators and whatnot. But then horrible Monica doesn't like Greek people because a Greek family once opened a rival shop near hers. So she starts calling Irina a "Dago".

You know what, I'm starting to feel all enlightened. I didn't realise that you shouldn't be rude about foreign people up until now because it might upset them and they have feelings too like everyone else. Goodness! The clever writers have sneaked in a social message disguised as sensationalist entertainment. Amazing!!

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