Saturday, 11 September 2010

Episode 40

A suicide, two escapes, a stabbing, a broken colour tv, illegal "grog" and Jean Vernon's scary clothes... Wentworth is a fucking mess and it's all due to Erica's wishy-washy liberal ways, so the Department have brought in a new male warden to be deputy governer. He claims to be Vietnam veteran Jim Fletcher, but that's clearly a lie: the moustache, dead-eyed expression and acne scars give it all away - he's actually a 1970s gay porn star, seeking a fresh start after appearing in key roles in A Night at the Adonis, Kansas City Trucking Co. and Boys in The Sand. It's quickly established that he hates women and doesn't want to be in Prisoner Cell Block H. Oh just give Wakefield Poole a call. I'm sure he'll take you back.

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