Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Episode 44

I make no apologies for the Monica-centricism of the last few episodes - now that she has been released, we are spoilt for choice. What can be said about this "interesting" picture? I call Monica's outfit "Sexy Blackout Curtains". And what to make of her husband Fred? A few episodes back, I was judging Monica for being a husband-beater and then making a joke about it. But having seen what she has to live with, I'm verging on taking it all back. His personality is as slippery as the gallon of grease on his hair. And don't get me started on the tartan-esque trousers and cardigan-waistcoat thing.


  1. Your commentaries just get better and better.

    Having a plotline in which the WIFE was the partner beater was actually quite ahead of its time.

  2. Rewatching all of these episodes that I first saw as a naive 16 year old, I realise now that PCBH was simply LEFT-WING PROPAGANDA disguised as entertainment. And that explains everything I've ever thought or did since then.