Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Episode 47

Everyone seems to be linked to everyone else at the moment. Woebetide you if happen to be waiting at the same bus stop as Monica on her release. Even if you never speak to her, you'll get written into a major storyline and that trip to a shopping centre will end in you on the roof, gunnning everyone down and being sentenced to life.

This shady looking character is Dr Clements, one of Karen Travers' university lecturers. He's a psychologist and is doing his "research" on the prison guards (though they don't know it). He's already driven Doreen bonkers (admittedly not difficult - I think he told her that Teddy didn't like her) and she's been written out for a few episodes.

Despite his horrible goat-face, he's somehow charmed Erica (she's such a snob - all you have to do is flash an A Level Geography Certificate at her and she's inviting you into her life), and needless to say, now nobody in the prison will ever be the same again.

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