Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Episode 50

And this, reader, is Melinda, the student who Tom-Cat the lecherous lecturer has compromised his integrity over. If you're going to get yourself in that kind of trouble, you'd at least think he'd have gone for someone with faintly normal eyes and nose.

This is one of Prisoner's clever "deception" storylines. It works like this - you introduce a set of people who are not in prison and you have to guess which one will committ a crime by the second commerical break and end up sharing a cell with Bea. We were led to believe that Tom's wife would go on a killing spree, upon finding out that he'd been unfaithful. But it turned out that she went to the police when Melinda tried to blackmail Tom with naked photos. Fortunately we do not get to see the photos.

Melinda learns that she is pregnant (how unfair that her genes get to live on!) With her as the mother, and perma-Tom as the father, the baby will probably end up looking like something out of an HP Lovecraft novel.

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